About Liv

Our Story

LIV YOGA is a small yoga studio in the Leiden city centre. At Liv, there’s always plenty of room for personal attention. We offer a wide range of classes, 7 days a week. There’s something for everyone, and you get to decide on the right balance for you between exertion and relaxation.

LIV YOGA believes in a healthy, active lifestyle. Yoga helps you become strong, supple, more relaxed and more resilient, all in both the physical and mental sense. We aim to create an environment where you will feel comfortable enough to try new things and explore yourself and your boundaries.

We like to not take ourselves too seriously, while still seriously enough to take good care of you, our studio and ourselves, of course! Please feel free to come up to us before or after class if you have any questions or comments, or just want to chat. All of our teachers are certified and have several years of experience teaching yoga. They can’t wait to share their passion with you!

So head to Liv Yoga & Mindfulness to put your busy day behind you at the end of the day, invigorate and re-energise yourself, or create a precious moment of me-time and self-love.