Corona Guidelines

Coronaproof Liv Yoga & Mindfulness

What does the world look like, now we are opening or doors again?

To minimize the chance of spreading the Coronavirus, we implemented the following measurements:



  • Stay at home in case of complaints
  • We can invite 6 yogi’s into our studio classes.
  • Spontaneous drop-ins are not possible, please reserve your spot in time.
  • Please bring your own mat and props.
  • We have beautiful Mandala’s on our studio floor, please place your mat on the Mandala, with the other end towards the wall.
  • We allowed 30 minutes between classes to avoid yogi’s/teachers crossing paths
    on their way in and out.


When you enter the studio

  • Please leave all doors open, the teacher will close them
  • Give others enough space, keep your distance
  • Place your shoes in the rack, in the hallway
  • Wash your hands or use the hand sanitisers provided (you can find them in the windowsill)
  • Go to the yoga spot that is closest to the teacher, to avoid having to cross each
    other in the room.
  • Place your coat/bag close to your own mat (take as little as possible to the


Use of materials

  • Bring your own mat, bolsters and props
  • You can buy a mat at Yoga Specials Leiden, you can also use our mats/props, please bring a large towel if you do so
  • You might want to bring an eye cushion, to cover your eyes in Shavasana, due to the live streaming, we leave the lights on


During the class

  • Stay within your allocated space
  • Sneeze and cough in your elbow or a tissue
  • Unfortunately, we cannot give any adjustments (physical touch) and have to keep our hugs digital for now


Usage of facilities

  • Use our facilities a little as possible
  • Use the toilet at home
  • Come to the studio in your yoga outfit
  • Take as little as possible into the studio space
  • We will not serve tea (yet) so take your own (water) bottle if you would want a
  • Leave the studio after your class, you can chat with your fellow yogis in the courtyard

Extra cleaning

  • The studio will be cleaned and sanitised frequently
  • The studio will be aired after each class

Online & OFFLINE

We will continue to offer daily online classes next to our offline classes. You can book
these with the same class card or membership, as well as our meditation sessions and
outdoor classes.

When a studio (offline) class is full, you can always join the online class, we have
unlimited spaces available there. These online classes are also a great way to practice if
you (or any of your housemates) show any Covid symptoms and for those of you who
join us from afar!

In the offline classes you are not visible for those who join through the livestream, and
through our noise cancelling microfoon you will not be audible for the people who join