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English Yoga classes in Leiden

English Yoga classes in Leiden


To Liv Yoga & Mindfulness studio in down town Leiden. All our classes are in English when you attend! We are busy with a fully English version of our website, so sorry for this single page at this very moment 🙂

Book a Yoga class in Leiden?

It’s very simple. Click on the button below. Create a simple profile with your name and e-mail address. Click on CLASSES (tab on top right), select the class(es) you like and choose the ‘register as unpaid’ option. You can also send us an e-mail via info@livyoga.nl.transurl.nl or give us a call: (+ 31) 6 41 886 444

No subscription! You can choose one of our flexible lessoncards and pay with your bankcard in our studio. We have a special introduction offer for you: 2 lessons for € 15,- p.p. (a single class is also € 15,- p.p.  so be smart and use that offer, also when you are here only for a (few) days :-).

We also have a special offer for new yogi’s: €50,- for 1 month unlimited yoga. You can decide that after your 2 trial classes ;-). We DON’T charge any subscription and/or administration fees. You can attend all our Yoga classes with your personal class card, as and when it suits you best :-).

Location for English Yoga classes in Leiden

Our cosy studio is located in an old Cannery in down town Leiden. Close to the ‘Albert Heijn’ (grocery store) on the Hooigracht. Our address: Middelstegracht 89Y. You see a big gate, just walk in (or use the bell when it’s closed). You see a glass door on your right with doorbells on the right, choose 89Y and you’re in! It’s on the ground floor, walk straight ahead and turn right, behind the door on your left you’ll find our studio. Enjoy your class!!