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Step 1:

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Choose a subscription card first.

Are you new to Liv and eager to come to our classes? Or maybe you just haven’t created your account yet? We’re so happy to welcome you to our studio. First choose your (trial) susbcription card or membership in our online shop.

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As of June 3rd, we’ve switched to a new system. If you’ve taken any classes from us before that, you will have been sent an activation email on June 3rd (make sure to check your spam folder, as it may have ended up there). If you received no such email, please contact us to straighten things out!

Step 2:
Book your class via the schedule

Use your valid subscription card or membership to book a class via the schedule below.
Tip! You can also use our app to book your classes. Rather have some more explanation?
Check out our youtube video on how to use the app.

Step 3:
For our online classes, you will need to download Zoom

Download Zoom Client for Meetings. This is the program we use to share our live streams with you. Now create a Zoom account. Don’t forget to confirm your Zoom account via the email that will be sent to your inbox! Rather have some more explanation? Check out our youtube video on how to use Zoom.

Step 4:
Attend your class!

5 minutes before the start of class, go to the schedule (on your desktop or in the app) and click on the class you signed up for. At the top of the page will be a link to our livestream on Zoom. Enjoy!

Tips & tricks

  A good audio setup

Good audio ensures a better yoga experience. However, built-in laptop speakers are usually not that good. If you have any, connect your speakers(s), a headset or ear-buds to the device you are streaming on.

Atmosphere matters!

Tip! Play some soft, meditative music in the background,
and maybe light some candles or incense.

Prep your props

Roll out your mat or towel and if you like using props, make sure you have those close-by. Also check out our youtube video on how to improvise yoga props!

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Private yoga classes

We also offer private classes! Geared towards your specific challenges and needs. Our private classes are suitable for both beginners and more experienced yogi.