I am a newby @ Liv


1. Download Zoom

Choose the option Zoom Client for Meetings. This program is used to share our live streams with you. Use the link in your confirmation e-mail to activate your account.
> Instruction video

2. Creat an account in MindBody max 40 min prior to your class

the reservation system for our classes. Create an account, reserve your class and choose the optionRegister as unpaid.
> Instruction video

3. lesson card & payment

We’ll send you an e-mail with payment instructions.

4. Check your e-mail

You’ll receive the activation link in your mail (or spam) box 30 minutes prior to your class. Straight to our live stream!
Click on the link 5 minutes before we start.
> Instruction video

5. audio

Take proper care to optimize your audio. Laptop inbuilt speakers are often not that great. If you have, connect speakers(s) a headset or ear-buds.

6. Atmosphere & Props

Tip! Gentle and soft music in the background and
maybe some incense and candles. Roll out your mat (or towel) and make sure any (DIY) props are handy.
> Instruction video on DIY props