Our yoga & mindfulness studio in Leiden

Our unique venue in Leiden

Our yoga studio is located on the ground floor of a former cannery, known as the Tieleman & Dros factory. A picture is worth a thousand words, of course, so do have a look at the pictures of our studio in the slider below, but we do want to point out the following features of our studio:

  • A reception area for you to put your shoes and things away in
  • A bathroom and kitchenette
  • A yoga hall that fits up to 18 practitioners
  • Mats, yoga blocks, blankets, straps and bolsters of various sizes, plenty for a full class of practitioners
  • You can change right there in the hall or step out to the bathroom.

Please note that the gate outside of the factory may be closed at times. Use the door within the larger gate, and if that door is locked too, ring the outer doorbell. Once you’ve passed the gate, you will find yourself in the factory’s courtyard, with a door and set of doorbells on the left. The bottom right doorbell (number 89Y) is ours. with a door on the left. The bottom-right doorbell (number 89Y) is ours.

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