Why practice yoga? These are the benefits of yoga.


At LIV YOGA, we utilise lots of different yoga poses to make sure our classes are varied and all parts of the body are addressed. At Liv Yoga, you:

  • Are always working to build strength, flexibility, and balance
  • Learn how to use your breathing optimally and increase your lung capacity
  • Create a sense of calm in your head by focusing on your body and breath
  • Will find that every level of practitioner can find something to challenge them in every class
  • Enjoy the excellent support and guidance of our experienced yoga teachers
  • Go home feeling relaxed and sated after having exerted your body

If you start practicing yoga regularly, you will soon start experiencing the many benefits of the practice. Here is a list of some of them:

The benefits of yoga

Yoga strengthens your body and makes it supple

Yoga helps you build a lot of strength. You work and elongate your muscles, from head to toe, and it helps you loosen up tense muscles. When practicing yoga correctly, you also automatically train your abdominal and back muscles, which helps create an upright, proper posture with relaxed shoulders and neck.

Yoga helps reduce your stress levels

Various studies have shown that your body’s levels of cortisol, the so-called ‘stress hormone’, are reduced when you practice yoga frequently. By first actively engaging the body, you are able to access a deeper level of relaxation at the end of class. Moreover, the fact that you are focused on executing the various yoga poses correctly means that there is little room for worrying and fretting.

Yoga remedies and helps prevent back issues

Back pain is one of the most common health complaints in our society. It can be the result of a lack of flexibility, bad posture, accidents such as a fall or a car crash, and various tensions, such as excessive workload or emotional pressure. Yoga helps you strengthen your abdominal and back muscles, loosen up your muscles, and let go of tension. As such, practicing yoga regularly can often help reduce or resolve back issues.

Yoga results in improved breathing

Yoga helps you be more aware of your breath, resulting in deeper, longer, and calmer breathing. This improves pulmonary function and urges your body to relax.

Yoga helps you lose weight

Yoga helps you manage your weight. Due to stress reduction and increased body awareness, it also encourages you to eat more healthily. You will soon find that it feels nicer to have a light meal rather than a heavy carb fest before your yoga class.

Yoga results in better digestion

Yoga improves your digestion. Thanks to lateral stretches, twists, backbends and forward folds, circulation in all of your organs and intestines is improved. You’re essentially massaging and activating your organs, which benefits your digestion.

Yoga improves your energy levels

Yoga has you using your entire body, improving circulation in your muscles and organs. More conscious breathing also results in your body absorbing more oxygen, making your more alert. In short, many people feel more energetic and fit when they practice yoga regularly.

Yoga helps you sleep better

Exertion results in relaxation. Yoga teaches you to consciously let go of physical tension, which in turn can help you let go of mental tension and discomfort. Intensely exerting your body automatically results in more peace of mind, which in turn helps you sleep better.

Yoga makes you more mindful

Yoga helps you be present in the here and now, creating a proper balance between body and mind. It also improves concentration, coordination, reflexes and memory.

Yoga provides you with a sense of inner peace

The things you learn while on the mat will eventually accompany you into your everyday life. Learning how to breathe calmly and consciously while in an intense yoga pose will help you be more conscious of your breathing in stressful situations elsewhere in life as well. Yoga helps you pay more attention to your mind, heart and body at all times, not just during class, which ultimately contributes to a greater sense of inner peace.

In short…

Yoga contributes to a healthier lifestyle and a better mood. In short, yoga makes you feel good!