Your first time at Liv Yoga

If you’re new, try us on for size by taking a trial class.

  • Take 2 trial classes for €15 and/or a first month of unlimited yoga for € 55.
  • You decide which classes you want to take
  • Valid for 2 weeks, from the date of your first class onwards
  • If you want to sign up, keep scrolling to learn how!

Our yoga isn’t the only thing that’s flexible!

Here at Liv Yoga, we want to make things as easy as possible for you. We know you’ve got more going on in your life than taking yoga classes, and your time is valuable. That is why we offer you the following benefits:

  • Take class whenever it suits you best
  • Book and cancel your own classes online, quickly and easily
  • Subscriptions without a notice period
  • Choose a subscription with a longer or shorter validity period that suits how often you want to take class

We offer a wide range of classes at various times of day, meaning that there is bound to be a class that suits your schedule. We aim to please!

Visit our studio and discover your favorite style of yoga. Everyone’s different, and everyone has different needs. That’s why Liv Yoga offers a wide range of yoga styles, and beginners are welcome in all of our classes.

Sign up for your first yoga class

  • Check the schedule beforehand to see which class you’d like to take
  • Create your online account and book your desired class (for more information, scroll to the bottom of the page)
  • We have an ample supply of yoga mats

Which class?yoga_workshop_leiden_beginners

Because all people are different, everyone’s start to yoga is different too. We recommend that you try out different classes and different teachers to find something that suits you. All of our classes are open to everyone, even those with no previous yoga experience.

Beginner Workshop

We regularly teach beginner workshops for people who are wanting to start practicing yoga but would like a little more guidance than you would be given in a regular class.

Our beginner workshops go into the basic technique behind the most frequently occurring yoga poses. Apart from these physical aspects, we also go into breathing and introduce you to the various yoga styles out there. For more information, head to the workshops page and scroll down to find the BEGINNER WORKSHOP

Basic strength & flexibility

If you want to build a solid foundation, our HATHA classes are perfect for you. They incorporate breathing techniques, balance, strength, stretching, and relaxation. HATHA classes provide both beginners and more experienced yogi with sufficient challenge, as there are always ways to explore a pose at a deeper level. We also recommend our YIN YANG and GENTLE FLOW classes.

Gentle & mild

YIN classes focus on slowing down, softness, and being gentle with yourself. In YIN yoga, you stay in the poses for longer periods of time, allowing you to really turn inward. Apart from offering mental relaxation, YIN poses are also geared towards strengthening and loosening up your joints and connective tissue. RESTORATIVE YIN takes things even further. This is an even more gentle, therapeutic type of yoga, suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners, regardless of age or constitution.

Intense flow

If you want to focus more on strength and flowing movement, take one of our VINYASA FLOW classes – a vigorous class that will have you using lots of strength as well as flexibility and balance. Our GENTLE FLOW classes take a slower approach, enabling you to explore the poses in a more in-depth fashion.



MINDFULNESS is about attention. To put it simply, MINDFULNESS is about being aware of the present experience. By directing your attention in this manner more often, you learn to distance yourself from your thoughts. Our classes will introduce you to the concept of mindfulness and the benefits it could have for you, or serve as a kind of refresher course for your existing meditation practice.


For more information about the various YOGA STYLES, go HERE.

Iconen_bollen_roosterPractical information

Booking classes online

We want to offer everyone the possibility to participate in their favorite classes. That is why our classes are booked online by practitioners themselves, on a first-come, first-serve basis. Any classes you’ve booked will show up underneath the ‘schedule’ tab in your account.

How does it work?

  • To create an online account, go to our schedule, enter the required information, and book your first class.
  • All classes can be booked online from 14 days in advance up to 15 minutes in advance.
  • Online booking is the only way to book a class at Liv Yoga.
  • If you are on the online waitlist for a class and a spot in that class opens up, you will receive an email confirming your booking.
  • If you want to cancel a class, you can do so up to 4 hours in advance by going to your booked classes in your online account and clicking ‘cancel’.
  • Please note! When you book your class, pick the option ‘register as unpaid’ to be able to pay later at the studio.


Late cancel or no-show

Classes can be canceled up to 4 hours in advance via your account, by simply clicking ‘cancel’. If you cancel within 4 hours of the class or do not show up at all without having canceled, this constitutes a ‘late cancel’, and the class will be charged to your account. In the past, we didn’t charge people for late cancels or no-shows, but we found that this resulted in a waste of spots in our classes. People would book a class and forget to cancel it, resulting in spots in class going unused. We allow you to book classes as late as 15 minutes in advance, so you can always wait with booking a class until you’re sure you’ll be able to go.


All payments are made via PIN in our studio; we do not like to keep cash on hand there.

At the studio

When you enter, there is an area to the left for you to put your shoes and coat away. You can change in the yoga hall, or step out to the bathroom.

Food & drink

Try not to eat in the two hours before taking a yoga class; it’s not nice to exercise on a full stomach! Also make sure you drink plenty of water beforehand. Feel free to bring a bottle of water into class with you, and make sure to drink lots of water after class as well, to replenish your body. If you smoke, please don’t do so right before class, so as not to bring the smell of tobacco into class with you.


Wear comfortable clothing, preferably not too loose-fitting, so as not to hamper your body’s ability to move. Yoga is generally practiced barefoot, because this helps you grip your mat better. If you get cold quickly though, please feel free to keep your socks on, or perhaps take them off partway through class.


We have an ample supply of mats at our studio, which are always there for you to use. If you start practicing yoga more often, we recommend investing in a mat of your own.

Listen to your body

Keep in mind that this is your yoga class, and your body. You know your body best, so be sure to listen to it attentively and respect your own boundaries. Find the middle ground between not being too hard on yourself, but also not being afraid to step out of your comfort zone every now and again.