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Step 1: Choose your lesson card

Are you new to Liv and eager to come to our classes? How nice, welcome! First choose your (trial) lesson card or membership in our webshop. With your purchase, you can create an account by which you can reserve your (trial) class(es).

Step 2: Reserve your (trial) class

Through your account you can reserve your (trial) class in our schedule. With this account you can also reserve your class(es) easily through our app. Download it in your appstore. Would you like more info? Please watch our youtube video about using the app.

Step 3: Download Zoom for online classes

Download the Zoom Client for Meetings. This is the program we use to share our live streams with you. Now create a Zoom account. Don’t forget to confirm your Zoom account via the email that will be sent to your inbox! Would you like more info? Watch our youtube video with information on how to use Zoom.

Step 4: Enjoy your class!

It’s nice for everyone if you arrive at the studio in time. If you’re taking an online class, please click on your class (online or in the app) 5 minutes before it starts. Here you’ll find a link to the live video on Zoom. Enjoy!

Tips for online classes

A good audio setup

Good audio ensures a better yoga experience. However, built-in laptop speakers are usually not that good. If you have any, connect your speakers(s), a headset or ear-buds to the device you are streaming on.

Atmosphere matters!

For example you can put some soft background music on, light some insence and a candle.

Prepare your items

Roll out your mat or towel and if you like using props, make sure you have those close-by. Check our video about improvising a yoga pillow, a bolster, a belt and a blanket.