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Liv Yoga Leidse Hout

Closer to your nature

Liv Yoga & Mindfulness, idyllicly hidden in city forest Leidse Hout. Surrounded by luscious green and singing birds. A place that invites you to slow down and come home to yourself. We offer (outside) yoga classes & mindfulness trainings seven days a week. It’s also possible to (together with us) create your own workshop, ceremony, training or (mini)retreat with or for friends, family or colleagues. So this magical place will belong to you for a bit…

This is what Liv can do for you


Connect to your body Find flexibility, strength and balance.


From doing to being.
Living from peace and balance.


Room for deepening.
Get closer to your nature.

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Follow lessons seven days a week in our studio or live at home online. There are a limited number of places available for the studio lessons, so book in time.

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Workshops & retreats

Zaterdag 18 maart 13:00 – 17:00

Ice Bath:
Wim hof methode
Herinner je oerkracht

met Lilian Vrolijk

Zondag 19 maart 15:30 – 18:00

Emoties als kompas;
Geef richting aan je leven

with Yvonne Achterkamp

Zondag 26 maart 15:30 – 17:30

Lief zijn voor jezelf;
Kom in contact met je gevoel

with Selena van Apeldoorn

Rent a space in Leidse Hout

Your own dream space…


Private workshop or retreat

We’d love to create your own workshop, ceremony, training or (mini)retreat with you. For friends, family or with colleagues. So this magical place will belong to you for a bit…

Practice or coaching space

Work with your own clients on a unique location in the middle of the city forest. As freelancer you can rent our (massage) spaces flexibly or structurely.

This is us

Teaching what is inside you…