Breathe into Silence – One Day mini retreat

Saturday 25 June 13:30 – 19:30

Yoga centre Leidse Hout

Breathe into Silence – One Day mini retreat with Seema.

“Life speaks to you in whispers…so slow down, breathe and listen.”


How are we keeping up with the ever-increasing fast paced demands of this digital era?

Juggling between responsibilities, in an era of endless choices to stay distracted – even on vacations – so many of us feel disconnected from each other, from the planet and from our own true nature.


The Journey to Silence begins with relaxation.

In this one-day mini retreat, I invite you to re-discover that innate connection with yourself…to come into the beautiful space of listening deeply, reflecting truthfully, and giving yourself permission to relax completely.

By using gentle movement practices based on gentle yoga – we become fully aware of our physical bodies, feeling where there is space or lack of it.

And by using conscious Breathwork – we strengthen our immune system, detox, release stress, anxiety and worry – to become fully present within ourselves.


It is within this timeless space of silence, that we can finally rest and listen to our inner true voice, the quiet voice of the heart.

So join me on this beautiful journey, in this powerful time of the summer equinox, to relax and renew!


  • No previous experience of Yoga, Breathwork or meditation is needed, just your willingness to relax and be present! YOU are welcome, JUST AS YOU ARE!
  • Wear comfortable, loose clothing, bring some writing materials and an extra towel/blanket.
  • Inclusive: Tea, fruits, snacks, light evening meal



13:30 – 14:30 – Arriving softly, with Tea & snacks : Introduction & short lecture on the benefits of Breathwork & Silence. Q&A.

“Moving” into Silence :

14:30 – 16:00 – Movement & Breath practice

16:00 – 17:00 – Self-reflection – quiet activity of choice – ex: journaling, drawing, etc.

17:00 – 17:30 – Light dinner in Silence

17:30 – 18:00 – Mindful walking

18:00 – 19:15 – Restorative Yoga, Conscious Breathwork

19:15 – 19:30 – Closing


We work with a group with a maximum of 10 people. In the studio is everything we need, just bring your notebook and a pen, your comfy clothes and a smile!


More questions?

Call/whatsapp/telegram Seema on (0)6 5154 2908, or contact Liv Yoga.

Given by:

Seema Vij

Date & time

Saturday 25 june 13:30-19:30




Yogacentre Leidse Hout



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