Restorative & Nidra XXL

Sunday 9 january 19:30 – 21:30

Yoga centre Leidse Hout

Restorative Yoga helps you to find the way in, in a kind way, and look for peace.
Because within yourself is the silence you need to find a good balance between exertion (yang) and relaxation (yin).
With restorative yoga there will be lots of blankets and pillows that we will use for support. This isn’t strange when you think about the fact that you’re meant to feel total relaxation in this class.

Everyone is built differently and needs different types of support.
Because restorative yoga is just focused on relaxation, this form of yoga can be practised by everyone. We finish the class with a yoga nidra meditation – maximum total relaxation for your body and mind in this XXL class.

We close off this session with a Yoga Nidra where you’ll travel through your body. You’ll get to a deeper level of relaxation and you’ll get off your mat reborn.


Given by:
Nadine Muller
Date & time

sunday 9 january 19:30 – 21:30




Yogacentre Leidse Hout


Dutch or English, depending on participants

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