Kavita Kanani

Teacher Hatha & Vinyasa

Kavi’s yoga story

After teaching my ‘exam’ class in the yoga teacher training, I realised – ‘hey, that was awesome, I loved doing that’ and the feedback matched up. Nothing like an ego boost when you feel like you’re doing something good that also makes you feel happy!

I teach yoga because it just feels like the truth for me. I feel like what I give to people is 100% authentic, but that they also teach me something as I learn how people respond differently through their bodies to different words and various poses. 

The thing that makes my classes unique, but I feel also fits into Liv Yoga, is that it is a complete safe space. That means the classes often have a playful part where I ask you to listen to what your body and mind truly needs, and to move accordingly. For some, that means curling up in child’s pose for 15 minutes, while others decide to explore different paces of moving. I try to teach that there is no right or wrong, but what feels intuitively right for you and your body. That is what a safe space is, and that is what I want to offer in my yoga classes.

As a teacher, I try to practice myself regularly, but the thing is I still struggle to trust myself in ‘scarier’ poses! Inversions always need a wall or someone to support me, and chaturanga 90% of the time needs a variation. I’m ok with that for now, but I do want to continue challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone, and remind myself that my body can be trusted!

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