Nadine Muller

Teacher Nidra, Restorative & Yin

Nadine’s yoga story

I was at a team meeting for an organization I was working for at the time that organized yoga retreats. I was working the back office, but also co-organizing and working the yoga & detox weekends. And when we came to a round of “what are your plans for next year” I pretty much blurted out: I am going to do a Yin teacher training. And all the dots started to connect from there – massage, coaching, physical and mental and emotional health. My passion for joining head and heart through touch, making your brain go quiet when the body moves, trusting the self-healing power of the body….it all came together.

Why do you teach yoga? What do you get from it?

It slows me down. Sometimes I jokingly say: ‘we are all on the mat because we’re crazy’ and I am no exception. Teaching makes me focus, pay attention to what it is I am teaching and learning at the same time. I can only be teaching if I am fully present so that is what I do and am: present in the moment.

What can people expect in your class(es)?

Love & light, ease & grace, joy & bliss. Real attention to you, dedication to the magic of yoga.All in a tone of lightheartedness, genuinely believing you as a practitioner know better than I do as a teacher what is going on in your body. A strong advocate of trusting your instincts, the language your body speaks to you. And thank you for letting me be there to guide you through that journey through the self to the self.

What are you learning/practising as a teacher, where are you challenged?

I have a tattoo of the word Ahimsa-the first of Patanjali’s Yamas, or the Yogis’s ethical and moral guidelines towards society. Directly translated as “non-violence”, we can also understand Ahimsa to mean non-harm, compassion, mercy, peace, and love towards all beings. For me personally it means to stay true to my promises to myself – to not harm my morals, beliefs, ethics. And this is where the world constantly challenges me. And meditation can be a real kicker too. Just like most of us, I can find myself thinking up grocery lists or things I should have said…..I struggle with kindly guiding myself back to the practice. Only human 🙂

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