Yvonne Achterkamp

Teacher Yin, Hatha & Gentle flow

Yvonne’s yoga story

I remember it vividly, sitting in class, my legs stretched out in front of me, trying to reach for my toes as though my life depended on it. However hard I tried, I wasn’t getting any closer. Suddenly, in the middle of the pose it hit me, the whole absurdity of it. What was it going to accomplish if I touched my toes? For who was I overreaching, hurting my body? And… for who was I overstretching my boundaries and needs off the yogamat? To what cost? In this moment this simple forward bend, that wasn’t simple at all, was no longer my nemesis, but became a teacher. And a little later, I decided to help others to connect with themselves as a teacher as well.

This is what people have told me they value and love about my classes:

  • The structure of and within my classes. I design them to feel like reading a good book, with each class a new chapter and story for you to explore.
  • They invite you to work with what you are feeling (anxiety, anger, grief, joy) instead of pushing through or against it.
  • My voice drops you from stressed to (more) relaxed in just a couple of sentences.
  • They help you to bring awareness to your body through soft, strong and fluid moving meditations.

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