Breath resonance sound journey

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Workshop Breath resonance sound journey


This “Resonance Sound Journey” is unique on it’s own.
And together with the sacred plant medicine cacao, breathwork and meditation you will unlock an even deeper layer of connection, acceptance and releasing, as the borders of your senses will

It can be a deep journey but we will guide you through your healing process in the most peaceful and loving way possible.

This workshop is for you if you want to release longheld tension, stress, overwhelm, pains and want to connect to your life-force energy, inner peace, emotions, wisdom of your body and feel more grounded and connected.

During this workshop we will guide you to your body, emotions, heart and soul.
Through :

  • Meditation for a deeper connection to the present moment and to the self.
  • Sacred cacao ritual to connect and open your heart.
  • A breath journey to connect you to your body and release longheld tension.
  • Special resonance sound journey supports your healing at a cellular level and connects you to your emotions and inner peace.

Feel welcome to connect and experience the frequencies of life & love.
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“This is a journey for your heart and soul”


Given by

Natalie Carnier
Breathwork facilitator for trauma release – mindfulness trainer – shiatsu therapist – yoga

“I love creating a sacred space where you can truly BE exactly who you are in this present moment. It is my honour to guide you with my softness and full presence towards the innate wisdom of your body allowing you to connect with your heart and soul. This connection helps release old tensions and emotions, restoring the free flow of your life force energy. My mission is to reconnect you with your true nature.


Kitō Shi Tei Shūha
Healed from several physical, mental and sleeping problems with the help of alternative healing and plant medicine showed me there was a way. A way where western medicine couldn’t help at all. This is where my new journey began.

With my “Resonance Journeys” I will take you on a journey of sound healing, and especially a state of acceptance and allowing by music. Having full control over the frequencies of each emotions and some core foundation frequencies, I will guide you through your healing process in the most peaceful and loving way possible. “




Given by:

Natalie Carnier

Datum & tijd

Saturday november 11th | 13:30-16:30


€ 88,-


Liv Leidse Hout