Nonviolent Communication:
Are you giraffe or jackal?

Sunday 12 June 13:00 – 15:00

Yogacentrum Leidse Hout

Back by popular demand, the NVC workshop!

Communication is life. It can unite or divide. It can lead to understanding and clarity, or incomprehension and conflicts. Sadly the norm is more the latter than the former. We often interact based on judgments, criticism, defensiveness, instead of empathy, understanding and dialog. We need a language that connects us. A language in which words matter, and are used to to express ourselves in ways that will make others more willing to understand us.

Nonviolent communication (NVC) is a language of collaboration that aims at building a better living for everyone. It is based on the principle that all human beings have capacity for compassion and that we only resort to behaviors harmful to our relationships, when we do not find effective strategies for meeting needs. NVC is the language that teaches us how to ask for what we need, how to hear others even in disagreement, and how to move toward solutions for everyone’s benefit.

The workshop is an introduction to NVC and raises awareness on how communication can enrich and connect instead of frustrate and disconnect.



Luca Grasso (The Up Way Coach)

Day & Time

Sunday 12 June 13:00 – 15:00


€ 35


Yoga Centre Liv Leidse Hout



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